Starlight Developments proposes to redevelop the existing rental properties at 1637-1645 Bathurst Street, dramatically upgrading them with a modern, elegant and welcoming rental building that is more compatible and complementary to the neighbourhood. We are very conscious of the distinctive nature of this part of Toronto and have taken great care, assisted by your advice, in developing a project that will sensitively blend in with its surroundings.

Since submitting the original proposal to the City in 2018, we have been listening carefully to the thoughtful comments from residents and city staff. And we’ve made changes. This is a start. You’ll be hearing more from us.


The Neighbourhood

1637 Bathurst is in the heart of Forest Hill South, one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods, with leafy streets bordered by elegant, stately homes. It is only steps away from the walking paths of Cedarvale Park and within easy reach of both the St. Clair West and Eglinton West subway stops.

Forest Hill / Toronto

Community Consultation

We believe in community, in neighbourhoods. We believe in building homes that people can be proud of and that respect their surroundings. We believe in listening and learning. We believe in city building. We believe in being sensitive, supportive landlords and good neighbours. That is why we are committed to community consultation and why we have made meaningful changes and improvements to our proposal.


How many units are being demolished and how many are being created?

The existing, three-storey buildings have a total of 25 rental units.  We propose a single, four-storey building with 75 rental units.

Why is it necessary to take down the existing buildings?

The buildings are dated and drab and no longer a good fit into the fabric of the neighbourhood.  The new building will be a major upgrade—beautiful and welcoming and more connected to the street.  We believe it will be much more of a complement to the surrounding neighbourhood, while still staying within an appropriate scale.

How much do you know about this neighbourhood?

Starlight already has a significant presence in the area.  We own and manage about 700 rental units in and around Forest Hill and take pride in maintaining them as beautiful and liveable homes.  

Why is it necessary to have four-storey buildings?

At a time of a severe shortage of rental housing in Toronto, we are adding much-needed new units.  City planners have been promoting this kind of gentle intensification as an important tool in avoiding urban sprawl, while still respecting the character of the neighbourhood.  Allowing more people to live closer to the centre of the city helps limit greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, while contributing to the vitality of the city.

What will happen to the tenants of the existing buildings?

In accordance with city policy, they will all be offered units in the new building at the same rent they are paying now.  Starlight will cover moving costs and provide assistance in finding temporary accommodation during construction.

What’s next in the planning process?

We are planning to engage with the current tenants, members of neighbourhood and the broader community to continue to hear their opinions and work together on a shared vision for this development. The COVID-19 pandemic currently limits our options for face-to-face meetings, but we are exploring options through virtual channels.

How can I ask questions or comment on your proposal?

Please scroll to the bottom and you will see a form for submitting comments and questions.

Will there be any public meetings to discuss the proposal?

Before the pandemic, we were planning meetings with both the tenants of the existing building and with residents in the broader community.  Given the public health prohibitions on gatherings, we are exploring options for virtual meetings.

What is Starlight doing to support the community during the pandemic?

Starlight has launched a charitable fund, the COVID-19 Community Relief Initiative, which has raised more than $330,000 (including a $100,000 donation from Starlight). It supports such charities as Food Banks Canada, Fred Victor and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

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Development Applications

Revised Landscape Plan. / DEC 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Resubmission Cover Letter. / NOV 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Resubmission Form. / NOV 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Revised Project Data Sheet. / NOV 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Revised Architectural Plans 1. / OCT 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Revised Architectural Plans 2. / OCT 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Revised Architectural Plans 3. / OCT 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Site Servicing Plan. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Site Grading Plan. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Cross Sections. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Public Utilities Plan. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

General Notes. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Transportation Impact Assessment Update and Loading Diagrams. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Public Utilities Plan. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Resubmission Form Zoning By-Law Amendment and Rental Housing Replacement. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

1 of 3 Architectural Drawings. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

2 of 3 Architectural Drawings. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

3 of 3 Architectural Drawings. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Application Comment Response Chart. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Civil Engineering Cross Sections. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Collection Vehicle Structural Engineering Letter. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Cover Letter. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Development Approval Application Site Plan Control. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Energy Efficiency Report. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

General Notes. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Geohydrology Report. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Servicing and Stormwater Management Report. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Shadow Study. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Site Grading Plan. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Site Lighting and Photometric Plan. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Site Servicing Plan. / DEC 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Civil Engineering Comment Responses Letter. / NOV 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Landscape Drawings. / APR 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 438-86. / 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 569-2013. / 2019 / DOWNLOAD

Hydrological Review Summary Form. / AUG 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Cover Letter. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Transportation Impact Assessment. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Stormwater Management and Servicing Report. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Architectural Plans. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Rental Housing Screening Form. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Public Consultation Plan. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Planning Justification Report. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Housing Issues Report. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Application Form. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Site Servicing Plan. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Site Grading Plan. / FEB 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Geohydrology Assessment. / JAN 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (569-2013). / 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (438-86). / 2018 / DOWNLOAD

Servicing Report Groundwater Review Summary Form. / DEC 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Arborist Report. / NOV 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Tree Preservation Plan. / SEP 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Landscape Plan. / SEP 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Geotechnical Report. / AUG 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Planning Application Checklist. / MAY 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Shadow Study. / JAN 2017 / DOWNLOAD

Survey. / FEB 2016 / DOWNLOAD

Project Data Sheet 1. / DOWNLOAD

Project Data Sheet 2. / DOWNLOAD

Toronto Green Standards Checklist. / DOWNLOAD

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Starlight believes in being active, engaged and contributing members of the community.

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